Pricing is based on $90 an hour

Each job will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Example: If cleaning and blasting takes only 30 minutes, you’ll only be charged for 30 minutes, however there is a minimum shop charge of $25 if you require a one off small part to be hydroblasted.

When bringing or sending your work, please note:

All components should be free from paint, heavy grease and dirt deposits prior to hydroblasting. We can offer to degrease and paint strip your parts prior to hydroblasting but this is outsourced and will add to costs. Price on application.

Engine cases and engine parts must be stripped of all bearings, gaskets, valves, fittings and parts for best results, we can still clean the parts with these items fitted but it is done at the customer’s risk.

Glass bead residue

We will wash processed parts after hydroblasting and whilst every effort is made to ensure no glass bead media remains on or in the item, we advise when you receive your parts you re-wash and check parts carefully before assembly as any glass beads left behind could cause engine or machine damage. This is very important and it is the customer’s responsibility to wash and blow the part clean before fitment. We cannot emphasise this enough.


If you would like a quote on your parts, feel free to email us some pictures with some dimensions or even better with a steel rule placed in the photo to give us an idea of size.

Please email or call if there are any specific questions related to your project.