Most metals, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Bronze
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Excellent candidates for hydroblasting also include most alloy parts e.g. cylinder heads, intakes, turbochargers, throttle bodies, carburetors, motorcycle barrels, brake calipers, fork legs, triple trees, wheel hubs and alloy engine casings.

    See our gallery for more examples.

    Absolutely. Hydroblasting will remove all surface rust and impurities bring cast iron back to its original cast appearance. We have had clients asking us to hydroblast their crankshaft webs to remove impurities and restore them to their original state prior to being linished. Conrods can also be very successfully hydroblasted and returned to their “as new condition”.

    Rusty Crank Clean Crank

    Yes, hydroblasting is the safest possible restoration method for magnesium parts. Because hydroblasting uses a wet process, the magnesium is kept cool. Magnesium does not shine like aluminium because as it's cleaned, it's already forming an oxidation layer which turns the part a dull grey colour. This is normal.

    Magnesium Wheel Magnesium Wheel Comparison

    Our slurry mixture contains a flash rust inhibitor that will stop flash rust for a few days on cylinder bores, studs and screws etc. We also apply a rust preventative to studs and other steel parts that may rust.

    It is recommended that steel items like screws, throttle linkages, bolts etc. be plated soon after hydroblasting.

    Different castings produce different results. Sand cast parts come out exceptionally well and have a beautiful satin lustre. Die cast parts usually have a matt satin finish although this varies according to the quality of the casting. Stainless steel has a matt satin finish.

    The action of hydroblasting also gently peens the surface of the metal closing the pores and making it more resistant to further dirt and grime.

    We use a blended fine grade, high quality glass bead. Because glass beads are round and the cleansing action is by flow rather than impact, the finish is much finer than traditional angular media used in dry blasting.

    Sandblasting Comparison


    Bead Comparison


    Hydroblasting Comparison


    The base metal remains totally intact. Media does not impregnate the surface because it is cushioned by the water. Critical tolerances and threads are safe.

    Yes it can, but the process is time consuming and sometimes requires the item to be pre blasted with dry glass bead.


    Paint must be stripped using dry blasting or paint stripper prior to hydroblasting. Hydroblasting is a metal finishing process and the glass bead spheres are not effective at penetrating through the paint. Paint residue also clogs the machine and is counter productive to achieving a high quality finish.

    We can outsource your work if required and it will be returned after undergoing both dryblasting and hydroblasting. This method can still produce some of this best results.

    Generally no, but I will consider small engines at the customers risk. An example of a small Yamaha 50cc FS1 hydroblasted intact at the customers request.

    Rusty Yamaha Engine Clean Yamaha Engine

    Absolutely. Carbies always finish really well. Carbies must be presented with all jets, screws, slides, springs, linkages etc. removed and tops and float bowls loosely assembled for the job to be done right. Complete banks of carbies must be stripped and separated as well. You will have to strip them anyway to plate all the non-alloy parts so they do not rust.

    Although we take care to block any passages we don’t want media to enter, there is always the risk that some media residue may remain. We thoroughly rinse the part after and dry with compressed air but the final responsibility rests with the customer to check that no media traces remain prior to re assembly of the parts.

    We have had customers bring us brand new intake manifolds, cylinder heads and alloy rocker covers for hydroblasting. Mass production and cnc machining leaves tiny burrs on these components which are not removed by the factory before being sold. Hydroblasting makes the new part better than new, smooth and burr free.

    No problem. Just wash off with a fast evaporating solvent such as brake cleaner and dry with compressed air and they will be good as new.

    Please email or call if there are any specific questions related to your project.